Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shopping for camera

Time To Love- T-ara Ft Supernova
 see what i'm carrying? yeah, it's my new mirrorless camera. A mirrorless camera is a not a DSLR nor a COMPACT camera. I don't wanna buy a DSLR, because i don't dream of taking pro pictures like frogs, hillside, sunset, sunrise...i just wanna take striking pictures of my full body shot. (which my nikon camera fail terribly in it)
I got a shock when mummy told me that this Nikon compact camera (the one i'm holding) cost rm1,600 =='' and it is still sucks so bad, all my pictures are soo grainy and as time pass, just a slight movement can cause a great blurry effect on the picture..
so we went to Low Yat plaza (the gadget mall to find the cheapest gadget)
 My intention to buy Lumix gf-2..went to the first shop Rm1,999 (with kit lens), then mummy bring me to our entrusted shop, Shangri-La (we bought all our cameras there), they give us Rm1800, (with pro 14-42 mm lens) Now that is worth buying, but this sales person, Benjamin? said if you wanna buy this, why not try olympus? he took out the EP pen series..><
and keep complimenting us the contrast of both pictures between Panasonic and Olympus..

and i ended up buying the olympus instead, because it's four hundred different, and well, it looks nicer anyway. but my sis scolded me," WHY YOU GO BUY A SHIT CAMERA FROM A SHITTY BRAND!!!"
anyway, once i buy something, i don't like to FEEL regret over it, my two months salary, you know!!!
so you can atcually change lens WITH lumix, yup, even though its from a different brand. i wanted to buy a viewfinder, and it cost *faint* Rm800 ==
i rather go buy myself a cheap smartphone, thank you..

anyway, more images coming on! god, i don't know how many images are there right now! TOO MANY!!!!


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