Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 Destiny. Yes, you are right.
because this is our destiny, we CANNOT be together.
This was written in god's book..
when we are older i hope there's always still a chance..
but lets see what fate brought us to.
just like you say, we cannot see our future at all
let everyday be a surprise

why do i still constantly think of you T.T

Came back from Old Town and watch in awe to everybody talking about going to colleges, roomate with each other. I watch and hear in awe and envy..in my heart, i knew somehow they still prefer me to go form 6. Stpm cert is sooo much worth it than SPM cert. with STPM i can skip foundation (save Rm20,000), with STPM i can apply NUS, with STPM i can apply for many many things instead of wasting money to go study DIPLOMA..

but i watch in awe...and pure envy..
i want to be grown up like them too..
yeah...all about destiny..

long tank top: COTTON ON



  1. diploma's better than stpm ann. though its only diploma, at least its more recognized compared to stpm

    1. yar, but im taking degree, which is better than diploma right?


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