Sunday, March 18, 2012


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anyway, i don't know why it took like AGES to upload my olympus pictures..i get fed up, and then decided on my old photos instead..anyway, i've been thinking too much lately.. too much! but i just try to put myself into that someone else shoes and think about another point of view. so, i have guy friends, its ok for that. so there's nothing right?
nothing right?
anyway, two days left to spm!
moody now!!!!
super moody man..
if you didn't do anything wrong man, don't hide it..
omg, i sound like my mum ==''

Zara <3
didn't get to go inside coz i haven't had enough money..just waiting for the SALE to come by

see my moody face?
don't try to piss me off nah..
i will hate you
curse you
swear at you
maybe give you an imaginary middle finger..
see this, my baby middle finger is still growing out of vengeance to come out



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