Friday, March 16, 2012


These photos are capture by my lovely Olympus Pen series mirrorless camera ==
NON-edit to let you guys see the real original colour of the images captured.
i walk the streets of Pavillion, KL, walking towards KLCC..

Calvin Klein jeans ^^
i walk the pathway to the toilet ==''
i like the reflection, and i'm sorry my face look sooo pale =='' i walk toooooo much ady, exhausted and tired.
had breakfast at Jalan Alor =='' tourist spot to kill tourist and eat their money *yum Yum YUM*

 Topshop <3
 love love love
 went to tokyo street..funny, i've been to pavillion so many times, i just found out that there is a tokyo street in there == stupid me..anyway, the place is quite nice (not to mention the price is also very 'nice')
The Daiso there also more stuff to see.

see? this picture i like it very much. NO EDIT! and the colours are still soooo contrast!
anyway, i've just drove from Perlis back to Alor Star at NIGHT through NARROW ROADS!!
phew~ i didn't know i can manage that at all, but i did it like a pro (lol, thick skin) i drove and then YAWN ..SOOO SLEEPY!! i don't know how my father manage to drive from alor star to kuantan, and then kuantan back to alor star again (yes, on the same day)
really, its sooo tiring..



  1. Really really love the 'pathway to the toilet' photo! haha... <3


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