Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM result day

see our HAPPY faces ..(mine fake de)
ok, let me start from the beginning.we were all waiting anxiously for our dear headmistress to QUICKLy come and just get it over quickly. i and mou mous sit one whole row, holding hands, well..for what exactly. those people that are called on stage are suppose to be top students. so, i didn't put soo much hope on that, just waiting for mum to rush to the back to get my result.

and then..10 A's first....then 9 A's...then 8 A's...
"Yang terakhir yang dapat lapan A, Tan..."
suspense larh this teacher ==''
O.O <----MY FACE

so i got up, HAPPY HAPPY^^ flying up the sky, NEVER EXPECT at all, and then when i saw that what didn't get A,
T.T <---- my face
english???!!?!!! No wait, there must be a mistake, they must have mess up my BM with English kut..NO NONO....i can't accept it, i can't believe my whole eyes! suddenly 8 A's become like NO A at sister phone on stage, i yell at the phone..they took our group photo, i had this 'shit' fake smile on me..

went down the stage, and then cry at my mother...
see? my fake smile ><
then my sis phone again, she can't believe her ears when i told her about my english. her 1119 get a perfect A1, my bro too.. and i got a sickening 5C for my 1119. I seeriooously no face to face my mum who happens to be an english teacher.. sis can't believe her ears when i told her i get A+ for add math ==''
zzzz..i expected that already larh, no need to be soo shock, my add math not that horrible ok....
here's my trial. Yup, i did SUPER badly in my physic and chemistry and not to mention my Account (careless mistake make my whole 25 marks drown)
but no, i'm here to stay strong on my can my ENGLISH get a what i'm assume B+ should be around..hmm *thinks* ..60 marks above?
like seriously? that low...?!?!?!
not even A- ???!!!!
65 mark and 88mark very VAST different larh >

another proof why there must be a serious mistake in my english >
i knw i knw i didn't do well in my section A..but i complete it, i put it ALL the points and it's only 15 marks (am i right?)
if it's so, i be graded A or at least A-..not a sickening B+..

another proof..><
what the saying is quite true though, i target my chemistry B and Physic B+..
because all these while, my science subjects are like yo-yo..
never too high though, it's always low low low..
and come out ,,
what the..!? seriously!?

so i'm applying to have my english paper remark.
they say if they see your trial paper grade, they would pull your grade up to that level.
Hopefully, but the result will be out in two months time..
so i'll be label as 8 A's first and in another two months 9 A's?
*fingers cross*

congrats to all my beloved friends who are satisfied with their result ^^
to those that didn't do well, life goes on. Don't be sad because this is just a part of life.

Don't get me wrong that i am being UNGRATEFUL, but let me get the point straight, i don't mind having other subject getting B or C..but not english please.
i live with english for 17 yrs and 3 months..this is a disgrace to me..T.T



  1. anyway, get 8A is not as easy as pea..!!!..

  2. Do u got 9A's after remark ur spm paper???

  3. U got get 9 A after remark ur English spm paper or not ??!

  4. Hi,I just receive my spm result and I am planning to remark my english paper.Do you remark your paper and how was it?Im really scared that they will degrade my grades or maintain my grades.Hope you give some advices and sorry if I disturb you.


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