Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday-Leona Lewis <3 <3 <3
 fat liao bo?
lol, camwhoring in the car, i don't even know what to do in there for five hours. Sleep in the morning, listen to songs in the late morning and then camwhore for the rest of the journey...
and then check in to our hotel at Bukit Bintang (hello, shopping!)
nononno, no shopping yet, then rush off to Cheras to find UCSI college..==
 this is my favourite pillow, i must hug it to sleep EVERYNIGHT, without fail..

okok,so UCSI turn out to be soooooooooo CRAMP! messy and fill with Negros and Iranian ==..but their facilities look soooooo damn grand, even their sundry shop looks like a shopping mall (exagerating)
then we meet up with one of their PR, and she explain to us about the whole procedure..its seems like evrything must go through Foundation then only you can take degree...

 This is only the north wing, south wing is on the OTHER side of the road ==
and it is build on a hill, (walau,) so there are sooo many ups and down, merry go round..
and then i pay SUYIN, my dear senior a visit there too ^^
she's doing her foundation in music this year, i went up to the third floor to her auditorium to find her.. TADAA ...
anyway, when my parents see the college, they didn't like it because it is pack with foreigners and the whole place is sooo messy, or complicated.
So after paying Sedaya a visit, went back to the hotel and get ready for SHOPPING !!^^

i got soooo many pictures to put up, i just don't know when or how to upload it up ..AARGH...

i'm broke now..


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