Monday, April 2, 2012

Romance and Me

These are my love prediction >w< it's soooo 100 percent true so i decided to copy and paste it here.

 hair still curly?
somehow you will think about yourself a lot. You care about how people would view you from the outisde.
will you still mind if i got a whole pimple full of forehead?
that i sweat and had hairs that look like a mop ?
that i had small eyes that put you to sleep?
that i had fats on my stomach and had a face that is too fat for my eyes?

 NAH! straight hair!
anyway, i have always love SHORT guys.
i DON"T have any feelings for tall guys at all, like, i'm sooo weird ..HAHA!
i'm going to do my SHORTIE group soon! but right now i must decide hard which height is maximum for girls and boys to be called SHORT.
for me guys must be 170cm below
and girls 160cm below..
being short do have pro and cons too..i'm going to list it down soon for my new group ^^ feel free to join soon!

anyway, all these black and white pictures are taken by my olympus art mode.
Just trying out their art filter. ^^
yesterday i went to watch WRATH OF THE TITANS!!!
updates on that coming soon tomorrow!
but anyway, yesterday was fun and funny and hot...sweating even though i'm wearing sleeveless.


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