Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since primary school till now, i've been active in school performances. Mainly it was violin. I do not need to read any notes that are given, i just play it by hearing and i sway to the rhythm.
and probably people saw how enjoyable i am with it, they compliment me.
but i know, due to the constant scoldings from my strict Johnny Depp look-alike violin teacher, my pitch has always been a problem.
But after i saw one sentence that caught me off guard, make my tears roll down, "your violin BEH KI!!"

i'm not atcually good in receiving critisism, my friend said i have no personality, i didn't talk to her for two days.

so, this time, it really pulls my spirit down. *shake head*
i label myself a failure. I've been playing the violin since i was 10, and to think i am a violin teacher! DISGRACEFUL! how can i teach students when i'm not even pitch perfect myself! !

piano grd8 FAIL
VIOLIN out of tune
don't even know a shit of Audio tech!
guitar self taught like chaplang!

well at least i know one thing, I CAN WRITE MY OWN SONG! *consoling myself*
but even i write my own song, ALSO CHAPLANG! i don't write music notes, i just write lyrics, chords and record it so that i can remember it.

really spoil my mood

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