Sunday, March 4, 2012

ICOM (international college of music)

 The International College of Music (ICOM), Kuala Lumpur, is Asia Pacific's leading music college focusing on contemporary music. The ICOM music education experience is an integration of theoretical knowledge and practice of skills in various aspects of music. This includes the music production school, the music business school, the performance and music arranging school.

This is my toy ^^
this is the recording that an equalizer? thats a lot, man!, an audio engineer needs to study it, use it and work on it. Somehow i look at it and say, its no different than the one the pilot use to play in each plane. It's EQUALLY a LOT! well, this is music and audio technology, and you had to have a very very good ear to listen to every speck of sound produce. Woo~ if i can master it, i can drive a plane (though it's not relevant at all)

This is the Keyboard laboratory. (dont ask me why is a drumset doing in a keyboard lab). after browsing through all the pictures, i made a huge conclusion to this college, the classes are SMALL, not like other colleges where they dump 50-80 students in one hall. These are all small groups of classes scarttered all around the building. heck, i really wanna go tour this college.

doors to your various classes. ICOM is ONLY good in CONTEMPORARY music, which is what i am good at (or so they say i am), they join venture with Berklee College of Music in United States and had develop aspiring musicians in the showbiz. i saw the course fees...whoo~ cost as much as a house, i wonder how my family is going to pay for it. It's just absurb..and there's no accomodation in this college, you have to FIND one yourself. they assist you, but the nearest condominium was 10 minutes away (walking distance) to that college.

anyway, just push aside the cons. This is the synthesiser lab. i love this, coz you get to hear and create lovely beats around you.

uhuh! THAT is an! can't differenciate it, anyway, you must pass the audition test to get into the college. i saw their theory test..>< it's kiddie at the start and then gets real hard till the end, i really need to brush up my theory even though i loathe it.
there's still a lot of researching to do, next research is UCSI (sedaya college), two of my seniors were already there studying music, so that won't be a great obstacle to overcome eh?

just that UCSI mainly focus on CLASSICAL music, not CONTEMPORARY. I SUCK at classical (like sooo suckish till i fail my piano). But their campus looked way much better than this, more standard i guess..but looks can be deceiving rite?


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