Friday, March 2, 2012

Camwhores of the street

whassup guys,  here's Wei ying expensive Armani Exchange Sunglasses which broke a leg that day..WOots~
here we are at MCDOnald to grab my favourite oreo mcflurry.
sexy yee only stick for 15 minutes and she had to leave..leaving us
(look down)

SNAP SNAP SNAP..using Ann pro skill in self-timer.
and do you know how we make the camera stand until our expected level? we took all our handphones, stack it on top of each other, and then place my camera on all four phones and *click* click*click*

There was a joke
what would happen if we were all posing for the camera, suddenly a passerby just swipe all four phones and one camera at one shot and ran away. imagine the word 'shock' slap on our faces..

 and there was an extend =.='' where i went over to the rubbish chute, place my camera there and try to adjust the angle..seriously, that was really too much
so we got a mcdonald staff to snap a picture for us too (up there)
 This is ridiculous! like SUPER RIDICULOUS!!! LIKE SOOO HILARIOUS and RIDICULOUS!! guess where is it? you know the side of the escalator where they normally had glasses? yeap, it was wei ying idea since we're searching places to snap. So, here we are right infront of the food court, wearing the thickest skin we had and snap pictures of ourselves, with our backside facing those astonish onlookers.
This is becoming more ridiculous as i said so. We walk to the back lane in search of a good spot for pictures, found a remote cafe with the tables placed outside. we took a second look to make sure the owners didn't know that we borrowed their tables as my camera stand. woots, and we ended up squatting like we are pooping..=.=''

Ann: where else? find the LAST spot!
Jimmy: POPULAR!!
Ying: KIA!! LETS GO!
Andy: *cover his face in embarassment*
and we did it, probably the first group to snap a group pictures among a bunch of books, directly infront of the CCTV. I can imagine those people behind that CCTV laughing their asses off,
here's what they would think "Look at those bunch of craps taking photos! HAHAHAHAHA" and their asses fell off and laugh too.

oh yeah, there was also one RIDICULOUS moment where we purposely took the lift to snap in there. But there was no fake camera stand there and Andy suggested to hang my camera up the lift ceiling and snap from there.
Like seriously, are you that tall for that?
and i remember lift had cctv too, we'll be a youtube sensation if we do that, (hang camera at the ceiling and expect a wobbling camera to snap a shot of ourselves) wow..*sarcasm*

Anyway, it was ridiculously fun..
keep laughing like hell that day..



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