Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pre- SPM result

my family had always set the target super super low. They say the most A's i can get are only 6 A's. =='' of course i don't hope for much but i would favour at least 6 A's because i have never get anything lower than that..

 Seriously, i have never hope my English get A+ even though it was said to be my best subject . You know why? my section A was only 70% long on one page, and i ended up crying after that because i knew it was really too short. yup, i cried to my friends and then bawl at my english teacher and then cried again at home.
i can see my A+ for 1119 flying away and be a laughing stock for my siblings
how's the korean looking eyes? ><''

and for two of my science subjects, Physic and Chemistry, everything was fine until i meet Paper three. It was like total shit for section C, everything was made up .mwahaha, anyway, i have never put too much hope on my science subject. as i said so, i am made for left brainers subs.

As for my chinese, mwahaha, everything i read looks like Japanese. if i manage to pass it, it will be a damn bonus for me. Seriously, i can be label as OCBC or a banana already.

so, i really put SERIOUSLY GREAT MAXIMUM effort for SPM. If i get less than 6 A's, i'll be crying my eyes out for sure. its like you work sooo hard and that is what you get, sickening result..
so i really hope, and i don't hope too much (i don't go over the top asking for 9 A's) i just hope at least 6 enough to satisfied me.

*fingers cross*
don't let me down, result. I waste a lot of time and energy on you, i had to deserve something good for it.


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