Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Carter

Ten tickets ^^ start tagging people like mad at facebook LOL!
we go watch John Carter 3D, many curse me asking me why don't want watch SEEFOOD instead =='' you see, i think this kind of action pack movie should watch in cinema then only worth it, if you wanna watch animation, buy the DVD and watch it at home, it will make no difference.
so who are the ten human beings?

me, Jovelle, Jesslyn, Sandy, Jimmy, Wh Kang, Ivan, Haipin, alexer, and i derno who..==''

toilet also nice to snap ==''
anyway, we had to wait for the rest to come =='' sooo slow..and then we got a bit fed up and go play ting ting (arcade games)..this is Ann tan first time playing arcade games with friends. The last arcade games was when i was 10 in genting..
and what did tortoise choose to play with me? Racing car ...

Shy Shy...*blush*
Jesslyn's lower dress remind me of my choir red skirt ==''

anyway, i acted like a retard in the racing cars==''  the boys had their games with the basketball (show off) and then i had a solo game shooting at random people =='' They keep laughing at how retarded i was because seriously, i have no idea on these games at all. i don't even know where's the coin slot.

what i wore on that day..
white collar shirt: cotton on
Long grey tank top: cotton on
vintage bag: Sungei Wang
White flats (my usual ==): brands outlet..
one two three four..spent almost 45 minutes in the toilet..derno do what. all camwhoring, me adjusting my hair, another keep busying herself with the phone.. that was after the movie, the movie had a nice movie plot, i'm not here to tell the spoiler, but the girls were all goo goo-ing over one alien dog..

then we were hungry... yes, a lot didn't have their lunch yet. i don't know whose idea is to go KFC to eat =='' so here we are, (i'm not a big KFC fan, i'm more towards Mcdonald)..i've only order cheesy wedges, Jovelle only order a coke =='' the rest had a really HUGE late lunch.
cannot wait for them to eat, we go play arcade games again

then we go e-box =='' i owe somebody's boyfriend de money..OMG!! Ann tan don't like to owe people money de, she cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot talk, cannot walk (exaggerating! *glee*) just really hope i can remember the next time i meet her..
the funniest moment is when we were about to sing SOMEONE LIKE YOU-ADELE, guess who pop into the room?
my mother ==''

aisheh, couple clothes leh..beh tong nia ><''
so apparently i had four missed calls from her ( i cannot hear at all)
so she worry, and found me here ><
then when i went out to ask her why, the boys were inside trying to sing Adele high pitch voice, it was damn hilarious man!

all serious faces..Ann tan will not leave the karaoke box without singing her lady gaga song..NO,
so i get to sing Born this way again before i go home ^^

you see Jovelle de tortoise head? like a bodyless head floating on air behind us right? ><''

had a really nice day that day!!! ^^
Wh kang and Jimmy ==
jimmy promoting himself being a single and free guy ==''

phew, finally post up this post ><''
its a long ago story anyway, on the 14th of March..
yayaya i get it, white valentine's day marh..


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