Friday, March 23, 2012


 Harlo Harlo ^^
thanks my darling Jia Wen for all these photos ^^
this is just a part of the day.. on that result day, we went to TM to eat
and then ended up paying Rm42 extra on the bill for food wastage..
OMG...=='' we waste 600g of food and with Rm42 we can eat a huge course of dinner!!!
 i like the 2nd top right the best. =='' not perfect ...woi, Sandy Tan!! you know how to snap photo de bo? XD..hahahahahhaa

 This is freaking funny and FUGLY..woots! you want a close up of Ann tan's face? NAH!
from top left: SMALL EYE, BIG EYE, original eye, MATA SEPET..
and i just eye bag can carry a lot of gold liao larh ==''
but i don't care... i think with eye bags, when you smile, you look cuter..
(yar, i knw i'm weird)
warh..our face soo steam==''
anyway more photos coming soon. i just don't have enough time for blog updates.
tomorrow i'm going for penang education fair (i ask for leave again from my boss=='' Rm100 fly away)
i don't dare to open my mouth "mum, pa, can bring me go watch hunger games bo?"
they would really bite my head off because education come first larh..
but ,...T.T
i waited for it with long neck since last year....



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