Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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 Yar, my daily stats consist of 60% of people viewing my Aaron Johnson's post. 
so here is what i found of what people would be searching to view my blog ==
WEI ANN TAN PLAYING GUITAR PICTURES?? who sooo free go and google me ..
and who the hell is WEN WEN HAN?? lol==''

anyway, i found the greatest secret to get real hits on your blog. *mouth shut*
i found out pretty long ago, after doing great research on which post is atcually quite famous among viewers around the world.
 天秤座有一个很明显的特点,很爱笑,一点小事就会笑逐颜开;天秤座很简单,什么都写在脸上; 天秤座爱憎分明,不会给自己不欢的人丝毫机会,对自己喜欢的人超级纵容;天秤座喜欢简简单单,不喜欢麻烦,不喜欢累的感觉;如果天秤座首先对你动心了,则一定不会被动的等待,Ta定会让你知道

tadaa!!! after reading this (even though some terms i can't undeerstand) i think it's pretty accurate, that's why i copy and paste it here!! (I don't really believe in this kind of stuff, but this really speaks ME! well, sort of,) hopefully i didn't misinterpret it anyway.
 tadda!!! =='' like seriously, why would US viewers be more than Malaysia viewers ..zzzz (all hiao view aaron johnson only! HAHA!! LMAO!)
and where is TUNIBIA anyway..LOL! ==''
BY the way, this ain't accurate larh, i took the weekly stats de, not monthly or ALL TIME.
which hugs do you love???
i love NO6 ! well, i feel that no6 will feel closer and tighter..HAHA!
So let me interpret each hugs.

No1: Girl begs the guy "DON"T LEAVE ME"
No2: we are sooo in love with each other
No3: Guy feel the warmth of a girl's hug (though it may also look like that when the guy is SHORTER than his girlfriend ==)
No4: after a fight, this hug will eventually patch back a relationship
No5: Guy whisper into girl's ear "I'm sorry babe"
No6: go get a room ==''
victoria and nikhun..
nonono, i'm not asking u to see who they were..lol!
ok..here's the caption:
anybody experience this type of emotional being when you are in a relationship?
it reminds me of something though..i've been through it
get it?
then maybe you are single..


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