Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maxi dress with ribbon

 I need clothes..Clothes is like drugs to me, arrrrrghh..i haven't been shopping for clothes for what seems like a decade. I need it so badly now..i need it T.T
okok, i told myself don't be GIRLY, but here i am, == being girly again ..
bloggie, i'm back ! i'm back to rant about fashion again! i'm sorry for being sooo emo these days! Calvin Klein, i want you to know, we will be happy. WE MUST BE HAPPY. get it?? we had to be.
no, maxi dress had long outdated, i just got no clothes to snap already. This year is all about boyish and preppie looks. More towards androgynous (i think i spelt it wrongly, forgive me)
i just need to get loads of skinny pants (coloured), loose band tees, and oh yeah, i tell myself, THIS TIME, you must buy a brown oxford brogue before you buy any shoes.

i feel soooo much better today, feel elated perhaps, but a bit distraught that my hair turn out to be a disaster. it looks like highlight instead ><''
haiz, when will be my next shopping trip? when? if i'm lucky, i'll be able to have time to shop at KL when i'm there for my campus visit. Mid valley is near there, but i wanna go somewhere cheaper. SUNGEI WANG! lol..
i just realize, i should not be brand concious when all i care is wear once, snap once, and then throw once.
i know i'm sooo wasting, but i try to recycle one or two time, then i'm not going to wear it anymore (dresses)

ok, please look at my feet . JUST STARE AT IT. do you notice anything weird? it freak me out the first time i saw it. i look like i am having THREE LEGS! how on earth did i pose? how can my leg be criss cross in that kind of position!?
its soo weird, like the left leg (on your left) is an extra leg.
it's soooo FREAKIN SPOOKY!!!

enough about my ranting..
how's my ribbon on my head?^^
guess i can't live without my ribbons..

Dress: shop@ queensbay
ribbon: kiosk @ queensbay
who's that zombie? ME


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