Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old town white coffee

 Our girl night out! later did i know that Nicole's gang came too out of nowhere!! it was such a coincidence and you can imagine how hilarious it was later on. It's like we own the whole place.
then the whole building shake because we kept laughing our ass off
Sandy: HAMI????

haha...wat an epic moment of expression
the girls of the night. From Left: Jesslyn Loh, Shireen Yong,Sandy Tan,Ann Tan(me), yingying lee, and Jovelle MJW...oh wait..where is summer leao?==

the theme for the night was BLACK AND WHITE..and i ended up wearing a red skirt. WOO~ i'm the odd one out

Peace! food was horrible as usual over there. The chicken looks sooo fleshy on the outside but it was nothing but flour and bones in the inside. My favourite Ice Polo bun had deteriorate the last time i ate it. Yuck, where's the smell of melted butter, there's nothing there..
at least their chocolate taste exactly what i imagine.
 i wanted so bad to hangout, if possible EVERYDAY. FRIENDS cheer me up, i just can't picture myself going to work now. I feel extremely lonely, i just don't know what to do overthere. i'm scared...T.T i'm lonely...and i know i'm acting like a baby now.
 Look at Ning's face..LMAO!

12th-13th i'm going down to KL to visit SEDAYA College ^^..we were set to meet with this guy MR BOON, and he is going to give us a tour around the campus. DO YOU KNOW FREAKING ICOM is MORE EXPENSIVE than any courses in Taylor University??! and it's only MUSIC, it's not like LAW, or MEDIC, it's just freakin MUSIC, and it's more expensive than any other courses..

so, ICOM was strike off the list, too much ==
ok..tomorrow i'm going to dye my hair marshmallow brown..
i'm going to concentrate more towards clothes to make myself happy
it just make me distracted for a while
i kept playing tetris..
tetris tetris until i vomit


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