Saturday, March 10, 2012

moody (part of me-Katy Perry)

 I'm getting a bit fed up, well not A BIT but A LOT. i just can't get it why my parents CAN"T understand what i want, what i like and WHAT I"M GOOD AT. i get sooo excited whenever i spot an equalizer, i exclaim in delight, "look! I'm going to deal with that!"
and they just HAVE SOMETHING BAAADDD to say ! anything that i said, they just have something BAD to say..
 so it's best i KEEP quiet. i haven't spoken much at home these days, i feel very fed up over my life. this don't want, that don't want, then what do you want me to do!?!?!
sometimes, if i think it more, i freak out, bawl, and then just sulk the whole day.
a lot of times, my mouth form a foul word ready to explode..
but if i really just vent out what i wanted to yell out, i get nothing but a slap from them.
 anyway, i watch K-pop star hunt last night. guess what? they went to Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, taiwan and even Philipines EXCEPT MALAYSIA. >< our county is toooo conservative for it? omg, why am i born here..
anyway, i become a bit green eye, but whats the use of being envious..
i'm sooo sorry, these days my bloggie is full of CURSE OUT EMO MADNESS whatever shit blunder..
my current favourite song list  consist of songs that make the whole hair of yours stand up straight like you have just seen a ghost
those kind of songs that Sia, Muse, Lana del Rey...
eeee..eerie and sickening haunting.
maybe because i'm moody, lovesick, sick sick sick,
thats why all my playlist are all sooo sick..
haha *evil laugh*

owkay, fine,


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