Monday, March 26, 2012

Music inspiration

today i sooo busy. There is this guy who suddenly JUDGE me for my music. I was so scared and then it turn out that he wanted to collaborate with me. so according to him, i've got my original songs, and i know how to make covers, he knows the technology so we could work together..

but we lack of music techno gadget anyway. he gave me all sorts of alien terms which really knock me are SOOO meant for Audio Tech, i am such a noob for it!! ><'' seriously, i am soo retarded over it after viewing various types of boss pedal..

Time to get a haircut!
so in the end, we make an agreement, i go buy a studio microphone and he go buy his boss pedal something something >
woots! finally landed myself a great collaboration deal!
很奇怪 记得中一到中三我们都看对方不顺眼 我以为你骄傲 你以为我骄傲 后来还发现原来我们曾经一起公私一个“东西” 真的又气又好笑 到了中四 终于我们同班 相处下来发现原来你人那么好 又傻得可爱 想说为什么不要中一就认识 虽然吵过两次架 不过越吵感情就越好 真感谢上天安排让你我成为姐妹 ♥ — by Jovelle MJW a.k.a TORTOISE MOY

thank you arh, my tortoise, i will write back to you soon ..^^

Once upon a time, Drama TEAM ^^

anyway, i really should brush up my music knowledge,
now only i know i'm sooo shallow. Mum ask me what do you want Drum or Ipad?
i said drum, and now i have to buy a studio mic? i guess i get the studio mic first then only the drum..
a drum cost a lot man! >w<


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