Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cyber bullying

i think i'm a hypocrite. I use to loathe teenage girls that had their hair covering all over their faces, until all you see was the tip of their nose and their lips would form a shape like daisy duck.
and when i got this fringe, i more or less look like them..
seriously, i need to do something with my hair to stop looking like them.

i look at  the mirror, i gasp, who is this PONTIANAK?? face soo pale, hair like mop, standing like a banshee..woo~ don't you wanna see me in the middle of the night, grinning at you like a big fat pig? or shall i drink a pot of fresh blood, spill it out while i'm grinning at you and then take my hair away from my chest and show you

mwahaha..wat a commercial that would be..

anyway, i did a  violin cover for Boa-Eat YOU UP..surprise surprise, people think it's all about beat and dances, that you can't play real song on it. I feel that it's easier than I am the best-2NE1.. there's no flat notes, it got real melody in it. right, since when i become a k-pop fan..
nah, i LOVE the way they dress, its like SUPER SUPER omg..
you can't compare pussycat dolls..
pussycat dolls look like SLUTS
Korean girls look like REAL STAR.
can't believe i am ranting for once. i feel like a real bi-atch now, critisizing Pussycat dolls..=.='' they are legends in some people's view, but to me, is like one whole group there's only Nicole singing and the rest of them acted like they deserve to be in the spotlight. Nah, they just show off what hot booty they have and thought that Nicole couldn't pull it off alone.
wat crap

i know all K-pop celebrities are like STEREOTYPE..more or less the same genre. but you got to respect them for dancing and trendsetting. Seriously, you compare them with those in Taiwan, what Fahrenheit, what lolipop, what 'hei se hui mei mei' ..their songs sound like kiddy song. I just hate kiddy, childish song. Put those groups beside those K-pop singers, they look like a bunch of tadika kids trying to spell ABC with their hands. 
whoa..(can't believe i'm critisizing..forgive me god)

anyway..i'm fierce, even though i rarely voice out anything infront of people. i remember at school, a malay girl was getting on my nerve, she was sooo fuuu*cking rude, i blow up and yell at her. i don't care what crap would happen to me (probabilty that i would turn up with my head dunk in the school's toilet bowl (my school doesn't have toilet bowl anyway)

let me tell you a freaking good secret about me.
I WAS bullied at  school TERRIBLY when i was 13. They taunted me, those taunt HAUNT me everyday and nite. One particular girl spread HORRID stories about me everywhere. I had to deal with CYBERBULLYING too. My whole 13 yrs old was like real SHIT. there was an extend that i cried to my Geography teacher, saying that they had taunt me. There was AN extend that i ask my parents if i'm allow to change my name? 

i guess those pre-teenage years had really build me up into a stronger person, more sensitive atcually, but i'm more aware now to things around me. Yar, and it build me to be a SMARTER person too. I don't give a damn on education when i was 13, but after being trash around, i work soo hard to get out of that HELL class.

i made it..
to those who had been a victim of cyberbullying, or school bullying
avoid them
and make sure you are WAY BETTER THAN THEM!
when they see how SUCCESFUL you are, it's like A SLAP (or maybe 100 slaps)acroos their poor weak faces.



  1. Girls are supposed to be bi-atches right? Haha... Love the hair, love k-pop, hate taiwan boy/girl groups... Roly poly by t-ara is AWESOME! =D

  2. woo~!!! roly roly roly roly poly

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