Sunday, February 5, 2012

Falling again

hey ..i'm back..
this sucks, and everybody tell me i have a brighter future.
the thing happen like i don't want it to happen.
i thought it wasn't wrong, but it turn out to be another 'crime' i am creating

i am living now four days without him.
My parents objected it
living without his text, his goodnight messages, our imagination, HIM

outside people laugh. Its just a mere one month ++ relationship
people ended a two years rel without hurting like me
but i think this is totally different.

and i keep comforting myself, its only two years..
TWO YEARS later, i can go love whoever i wanna love
i cried in my sleep, i cried everywhere, everyday
everything reminds me of something

if he really loves me, he will wait for two years.
proof it to me that you really love me
live these two years working hard..
working hard just for the sake of me.
you promise me that.
and when you promise something, i know you will do it..

you always will.

and i will promise to do my part too.
but right now, i am unable to do anything but to study.
and after two years i will think back of us.

i'm sorry family if he ever offended any of you.
he never meant to, he went out of control whenever he is angry.

Jason Mraz : I Won't give up


  1. i guess what ever happen is in my blog. its just my painful love story. we love each other bt we can't be there...EXACTLY like Romeo and Juliet story.
    Parents objection

    1. ow...
      I see....
      I dunno what to say about even I had such story too years ago......
      And I dunno how's your hubby and what will he done, so I can't give any words to give you any confidence about that...
      What I can say is, it's okay dear, everything will be okay...


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