Sunday, February 12, 2012


think positive..think positive..think positive..
this is the face i wear each time i'm not smiling.
okay, i AM going to tune myself to be happy. missing you was a part a of my life. Since you are happy, which i assume you are, why not i be happy as well?
where's all my girl friends?
Yoo Hoo~
knock knock.

2nd pic: I started to smile.
valentine's day sickens me, because i'm spending it alone with the JPJ..
=.='' what a memorable day *sarcasm*
Faking to be happy is worst than being sad.
i'm just cheating myself, and when my mind is not distracted, the pain backfired twice the hurt. i'm going to console myself, this will not be permanent. thanks to another guy that tell me that chicken can fly after two years..yeah, what a great way to cheer up a girl. *Sarcasm again*

ribbons..<3 i'm still in love with matter how hard i try to STAY AWAY from being too disgustingly girly, my ribbons is always in my heart.
god, i should stop crying now. PUT A HUGE STOP over it! life has to go on..i have to move on..cleanse my soul, detox my brain, eradicate insanity.

See? i'm smilling..i'm smilling XDXDXD
i know it's all a fake to be happy, but i'm covering it all up until i get use to it.
i'm going to get myself a DSLR
yeah, that's right, with my own salary..i go dump all of it in a DSLR..
the first thing i'm going to ask the seller is that
"where's the self-timer button?"
I'm only interested in camwhoring and snapping my own shorty-model pics.
my projector camera had deteriorate, even though it's feature is still up to date.
forget about it...i'm going to do more research..


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