Monday, February 20, 2012

Leopard Dress

i have own a LOT of flare skirts, but i feel sooo 13 yrs old with it, and the best thing is, i owned A LOT of it..*sigh* i really need to repack my whole closet already, ditch the flare skirts, it's sooooo erm..utterly girly?

Tarzan and Jane.. more tight skirts for me, short denim pants and if want to buy a dress, i had it tight, no more flare flare..I feel sooo..erm..groggy?(what is it with my vocab these days.><)

I've been asking around people what would happen if i cut my hair boyshort.
My mou mou friends said "NO!!!"
a guy say "it's watever i like.."
Another guy say ."Don't please!"
i forgot to ask Stupid..let me read her mind..hmm.."i dare you!" she would say that to me!
you see, i got motivated to cut it off after i saw my sexy friend cut her tresses off. god, she looks hot and her hair is still brown from last two years dye.

here's the con of having long hair. you see, this year, the temperature is like disgustingly high, and your hair acted like an extra layer of scarf around your neck.'s like a sauna with that hair keeping you warm .
and the longer your hair grows, the more your hair drops.
so that's that..but i'm still chicken out to cut it. seriously, people look prettier with long hair offence though, because i had a fat face, i need more hair to cover my flabby face. but on the other hand, imma want a fresh look, and i'm sick of having long hair.
and my fringe is disgustingly long. it's like covering one side of my eye..which is good for emo-ing and good for covering my small monolids.
anyway, i listen to you, you ask me don't cut my fringe, i don't..

my hair..still curly..
so what the hell am i going to do with it? dye it? yeah yeah..i wanna do that soo much,  just dark hazel brown would not be too distinct from black, it won't harm

leopard dress: shop@ sungei wang
heels: NEU LOOK
eye liner: Shisheido
Lashes: M.A.C
pale pinkish lipstick: Elizabeth Arden



  1. Tarzan + Jane = Ann

    hey, do you know any nice place to capture pictures?

    1. hm...Taman golf! the background pic of blog was taken frm there..or Kuala Kedah or the railway station..but taman golf the garden is like a lot of place to take overthere

  2. Wow nice photos! especially the one of you looking out the window(?) and ur hands behind ur head... =D

  3. I think you are so gorgeous, and you are so amazing xx

  4. I think you are so gorgeous, and you are so amazing xx


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