Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Hair

My hair is so bouncy yesterday <3
I insist that i seriously need to cut my fringe, its sooo disgusting.Its long and i can't put it down because it will look like a ghost. Hanging it behind my ear to create a false illusion that i have a short bangs doesn't look good to me anyway. I miss my side short bangs ...T.T

but first: who on earth wanna cut your bangs unless you plan to cut your whole head
Second: Nobody wanna bring me go cut hair
Third: vampire dont want me to cut off my long bangs..

Wee~ has my hair grown? Yes indeed...i don't think i need to go curl my hair again since my hair is growing curly on its own. its not that curly, but it'll do.

So, hmm...i haven't been eating proper breakfast at all. I'm soo lazy, i don't wanna cycle out to buy breakfast for myself. I'm sooo lazy, i don't wanna start the fire and cook something for myself. So i had been munching junks out of my kitchen. Chips, leftover bread, biscuits, leftove new year cookies. Blah, if this can make me full, the air i breathe will be able to keep me alive for eternity.

another complication last night, but i pull through it. I shouldn't have make a fuss though, but i need an explanation. I get the answer pretty well after that, and bit my lips for not being understanding enough for him. I realize no matter what, we shouldn't hide things from each other even though its shameful, its too embarassing. But i'm not your friend, i'm your other half..
so everything is okay now.
It's February and this year is a LEAP year..
congrats to those that born on the 29th of February.


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