Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cotton On

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND! god..okay, i first get to know this when i was 16, gone a big crazy over it, and then it died off..and now it's back again.
Cotton on is an Australian brand..(which i think so) and their price is soooooooo
AFFORDABLE for a branded brand. Dang, i fall head over heels for it again.

and oh yeah, the long tank top that the model is wearing, i bought it in black and dark grey at SG. Two for 20$ which is..hmm near Rm50.. but you can act it as a tank top, dress or tight skirt. Sooo versatile.

Yeap, one of their tops.  WHY OH WHY, penang don't have Cotton on?!? so i only know genting has one..=.='', yar, i'm too outdated. I'm only waiting for my KL trip so that i can bankrupt over there. ZzZz

Other than clothes, there's also RUBI! RUBI had the typical shoe collection, accesories these are the bits and pieces of it. They even had other RUBI store seperated from Cotton on, so that you only shop for shoes, accesories, sunglasses, blah and blah..

OMG..the leopard prints is super HAWT..god..i saw the red polkadot at Junction8 and my fingers is itching to grab it..

and yeap, cotton on had bags too. did i mention i need another baggie now?

Another baggie..

this is a brogue, not an oxford..

earrings! XD

and also high end shoes.


and my ribbon...XD
omg..quit the

can't wait to shop for my next cotton on trip..




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