Sunday, February 12, 2012


forgive and forget in a girl dictionary is very common.
but no, i have been through it soooo many times, i had forgive sooo many times and i want to stay firm to my principle now. Whenever things go wrong, do not feel heavy to let it go, once you force yourself to let it go, even though your heart cracks, bleed, wailed in will come naturally for me to move on.
this sucks, i'm confused.

they want me to meet more male friends right? so i did, but just a few. rekindling old friendships with my primary school mates is easy, they know who you are. so, it's completely easy to treat them as a friend. How can they say that putting me in convent was a mere mistake that once i see a boy, i grab on to him. I'm not a nun, i know how to distinct my feelings. i know which is friendship and which is crushes.

my mood is sooo damn low now. so f*ckin low! ( idon't usually curse with the f word, just unless i am soo freakin piss off)
and my car test is tomorrow on F*CKing valentine's day!
my life is sooo F*Cking mess up!!
i just wanna sit down and bawl and then flood the whole alor star, and i can swim to another world where people do not have feelings! yar, that would make life easier..i wanna be a that i don't feel whatever shit pain is occuring, i get what i want, and yet, i do not worry anything shit thing is happening. I DON"T GIVE A F*CKING DAMN ABOUT IT!!!

i'm sorry for the vulgar language. let me repeat it again, i DON"T usually curse with the F word, it's not me. but i will use it when i am god damn piss off.
here's what juicy gossip did i hear so far..

a guy broke off with his 7 months gf just because of differences in attitude.
conclusion: girl happy with school life, guy happy with college life.
A girl broke off a 3 yrs relationship with a guy just because of distance.
conclusion: girl feel sooo free and happy, guy is piss off, but he's okay

now my story
girl said bye bye to her guy for one month+
conclusion: girl become mental, guy become monster..

i should really PULL MYSELF TOGETHER!!
people are happy, why can't i?
YEAH, it's time to spread on my wings..
i've been through that before..
it's not that hard..

long tank top: Kitschen
Shorts: Kitschen
Sneakers: Adidas


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  1. principle made when a girl is in a totally rational state...
    So being a girl, we must stay firm with our principle...
    *i say it thru my experience*
    or, someday you'll regret...=)


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