Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm going to another gathering later tonight. Wee~ i thought after that problem, i'll be grounded at home again, but i can go out! yeah, well, with my parents checking in and see who's over there first. but it's better than not getting out at all. But i guess i will be ban from Star Parade for these two years.
god, i really need to go to watson or guardian, i need facial wools for toner, my Kiehl cleanser is dehydrating soon, i need to buy mascara..
where is SASA when i need one?!??!

mum went to my violin teacher to seek for advice and get back my cert. instead of taking performance certificate, i would rather skip it and take diploma. My johnny depp look-a-like violin teacher is FIERCE. don't play with him, he meant business and seriousness. He said if i wanna take diploma i have to work like a horse. ><

and one month diploma fee's cost RM300!
bankrupt larh! my piano fee's one month ady Rm280, now add another burden
my dad doesn't print money you knw?

Hungry now. i expect myself to be FAT because i don't eat proper breakfast at all. NO, and at night, i eat like a big fat pig. *yum yum yum*

this morning i bake 8 finger nuggets
yesterday ate black pepper chicken bread
tuesday, mum bought nasi lemak
monday, ate sandwich
sunday, ate bread

>< bread bread bread...

i envy those Korean girls having soooo smooth and porcelain skin.
I wanna go there and stay there and grow milk-like skin too! T.T
i have a horrible forehead and t-zone, that's all i wanna fight with.
zap zap zap..

got a feedback about my blog.
Why your blog sooo emo these days?
lol! this is how i look like whenever i write on my blog (look up!)
kill you kill you
tie you up
poke yoU!
i become cannibal


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