Sunday, February 26, 2012

New bangs!

My eyes look huge here. (no contact lenses, no lashes)
i can't stand my DISGUSTING fringe anymore, so this morning, i CUT IT..i look down and saw long strands of hairs being snipped off...My old fringe which is right to my chin is snipped off till the brow line.

Tadddaaa! i look 10 times younger!! (exagerating)

after having this look, i am (again) label as being GIRLY *sigh*
so if you have long fringe, you can be sexy and rockish watever, if you have bangs, you had to be like that? Cher Lyod had bangs and she look soo Rock, maybe imma gonna take her as my trendsetter, stick her face all over my toilet seat..*CRUEL*

imma thinking of leaving my hair long until it reach my waist. Make it a record that i had never reach before!

imma having flu right whole body system look like somebody had stuffed cotton wools all over my ear, nose and even my throat (i got sore throat too, due to the constant inhalation through my mouth instead of my blocked nose)

i don't wanna fall sick! no! CURSE THE FRIED FOOD i ate last nite..or maybe it was the EPO, coz it is quite heaty atcually..

argh, sexy voice, and whenever i have sexy voice, i will make a song cover XD but now i got flu, so singing will kill people's ear off..


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