Monday, February 27, 2012


another brand that i love! <3
it come from singapore and it is more towards accesories, from laptop bags, phone cases, hats, umbrella =.='', hairbands, headbands, rings. More towards the male fashion atcually

yeap, more towards metrosexul atcually ><
they just sold SIMPLE stuff, but i think it's hot..LOL
don't ask me about the price wise. i have no idea atcually, but i know that the girl's high waist acid wash jeans cost around Rm99.90..
anyway, i've only bought stuff from there twice, because i seldom shop at Gurney or didn't even bother going there when i was at KL or SG

All the shoes, and male loafers.

the boys clothing.
i recomend this shop and brand for all the males out there..
Price is reasonable



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