Tuesday, February 7, 2012


at the bathroom. =.=''
okay, let me get this straight, i don't like to say toilet because it sounds a bit rough. Bathroom sounds more..erm ladylike?

sexy babe.
that day, i was VERY VERY FREAKIN SURE that i'm going to crop my whole hair off! make it pixie short, because no matter what, i must do something with my hair. it's tangled up and it's in a bad condition><
the only way is to cut the damage part and grow a new hair. It's funny when people are trying hard to grow their hair when i am dying to cut it off.
It takes a LOT of courage, but i've been saying that since i was 16.

i realize that i haven't been blogging about fashion for a VERY VERY long time. Maybe i'm too self-absorbed over myself that i couldn't care less about fashion any more. I am way behind fashion now but one thing i must get it straight to my mind is that I MUST STOP BEING TOO GIRLY!
buy more shorts! buy more rock-on T-shirt! BE A ROCK STAR!

Spec: Brands outlet, Brands Outlet, Levi's

wearing shey hwa's noob round spectacles. Haha. we all had a round with it, snapping picture of ourselves ith it and then put it as our profile pictures. So you will see five girls with the same similar round spec
Tortoise leng lui
my life is still sickening. I want to be on TV, yeah, be famous
I want to be famous. YEAH, FAMOUS for the right thing larh, of course. I don't wanna be famous just because somebody find out that I WAS the one who killed Michael Jackson.

i got to stop thinking now. The more i think the more it sickens me. The more i think, the bigger the hole in my heart is.
help me..

*bite my lips*


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