Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Piano Theory

So what if i love to camwhore? well, every typical girls love the sight of their face on the camera. Anyway, i'm here for my daily blurts.

I HAVE FOUR DAYS PIANO LESSON EACH WEEK! theory is like grinding my head to a machine, banging my brain up and down, left to right, searching for some answers.
You know what my mum said?  
"You're good in english, what's the problem?"
No, it's not because you're good in english and you can nail Physic. It's different thing, totally different. You have to learn new terms, new theory, new words, you have to read other instruments, read why is the note here and not there, why you can't put it here and not there, why there are a few special cases..

and yeah, people would shoot at me, "you wrote songs, this should not be a problem!"
i wrote songs just the way how Taylor Swift wrote hers.

not the kind where Vivaldi, Chopin or Schubert would do. They do tedious words, they figure out the chords, the phrase, the notes, the parts, the whatever shit that i don't even give a damn when i wrote my own song. It's long as it sound perfect, you know you are writing it correctly, so why give a damn about what cadence should be put in here or there..

i want you to stare at the baby. YEAP! THAT IS MY seriously, it's MY FACE crop out and stick onto that baby faceless face.

Not only that, they give you orchestra notes where you have to strain your eyes and look at every nook and corner. You have to TRANSLATE notes and it's not like translating French to English. is translating NOTES to NOTES to a different key, to a different chord. whatever crap am i talking about..

and you must KNOW each instruments, each composers, each terms..blah and blah..
really, if i continue cursing here, people would have just tape my mouth with a paper signing "YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR MUSIC"

but i'm no Beethoven or Handel or well (let's take a newer generation) John Williams.

i'm more towards like Kara (frm american idol? that skinny judge?)'s like asking a hip hop dancer dance Latin or ballet.
Totally the same for me..



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