Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adult remarks

Once i do not have any pictures, i guess my blog will be dead for a few days until i have a picture to upload again. if worst come to worst, i dig out my old pictures again and recycle it =.=''
boring right? i mean like DEAD boring!!!!
and what makes a blog interesting is to rant about stuff. and when i say rant, is to critisize something really badly till you get to influence people.
and when i say critisize, means you have to stick a few awful and obscene remarks.

but then if i stick obscene remarks=.='' my blog will be rated R. not for children. i'm suppose to be lovey dovey right ? but i'm gonna be 18 soon, i'm suppose to grow up anyway. The F word should be openly used..=.=''
okok, enough of me being badass (woots!)

its raining sooo heavily now, thunder..i just watch Namewee song againts Lynas. WOOO~ SUPPORT ANTI LYNAS!!! My bro is working there at Kuantan air base, i don't want him to be affected too! ! no way..
(woots, cencor cencor)

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  1. haha F*CK LYNAS!!! can add in the 'U' when our birthday comes... XD


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