Friday, February 24, 2012

a painful smile

Pale looking eh? coz it's uneditted..
expectations hurt, and people would laugh at you, because you are the one who expected IT, so DEAL WITH IT.
good, so i'm going to soak it up, seeing that you are sooo baddy mood, which i try to understand your situation, i absorb it like a car absorber, and pretend that nothing happen..

it's always me, keeping everything inside my heart, as usual. i remember someone told me before, "You didn't tell me what you are sad of, you just come here and had this moody face of yours!"

Ok, next part...i don't have any fate in dancing at all. it seems like working during the weekend is not a good thing after all, even though the pay and the working time is sooo reasonable. okay, fine, i try to console myself that i am still young, that maybe, MOST PROBABLY i hadn't rust from my flexibility on my hip yet.

URGH, i beginning to hate my SOOOO utterly mess up life of mine right now.
what mess up?why do i feel a sudden embarassment when mummy ask who are those two boys that went bowling with me?

is it because i had NEVER went out with boy friends(not lover) that i feel a bit akward when your mummy found out? i was sooo afraid she was being UNREASONABLE again and forbid me to go out at all..i shoot her back "you ask me to meet NEW FRIENDS WAT!!"

and then she misunderstand that i just scoop them up while bowling over there..=.='' i've known them..LOL, not strangers at all..But that shows my mum, I DO HAVE BOY FRIENDS!!(not lover) how dare she said putting me in CONVENT makes me an ALIEN when i met any RANDOM guys. it's such an insult..

I've been reading this. Yeap, that is a THICK TEXTBOOK on music totally dead boring..ZzZz..all they talk about history history history and how to distinct different music period....and i can't believe they put Steven Tyler in it too, that monkey? seriouslY? on an academic book? REALLY??

another hectic day...
after waiting what seems like a decade, all i received was a text, that put my heart to rest.



  1. Hey baby, I'm not asking about the dance practice cause I already know that you're working on Friday and Saturday...

  2. Roger Kamien: Music and Appreciation.... that is SOOOOOOOO My O-levels music textbook. Now you get why I dropped that subject -.- Gosh I should have given it to you! :DD

  3. Roger Kamien: Music Appreciation? I't my text book for O -level's music! Now you get why i dropped the subject -.- ANyway I should have given it to you rather then let it rott here XD


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