Monday, February 20, 2012

Ambition (uneditted photos)

I've been thinking a lot..
what the hell do i really wanna be???
owkay, when i was little like std1,2,3, i use to say
"i wanna be a teacher"
then when i was std5 and 6, music blossom inside me.
Yeap, i wasn't that good in music when i was little,
but then it just burst out when i reach 10 yrs old.
dang, i wrote in every book "i wanna be a musician"

Then this dream stuck until i reach form4.
There was a fight about which stream do i want to take.
i was place in Full science stream, but my family objected it
"are you going to be a doctor? if you're not, don't even dream of taking full science!"
but i don't want to be in Full arts either, i don't have any friends at all over there..
"what do you want to be???" my family asked.
"An AUDIO ENGINEER!!!" i blurted out, because i  heard that you need to take physics.
i went to do research on that course, good, i love working behind recording studio.
but..MY FAMILY don't even give two hoots about it at all.

Then i went to take the middle path, half science and arts.
Thank god i took up account, i never regretted studying it.
by Form 5, i was torn between two lovers.
Music or accountancy..



  1. first time heard that parents don't allow their child take full science stream...==


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