Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My recent song obsession: Paradise by Coldplay. I watch the 54th Grammy award and dang, he was sooooo good. they played a tribute to Whitney Houston, it was pretty good, since it was only prepared for two days.
distracting myself to music is the only best solution to control my emo days.
dude, i'm sooo freaking piss off (here i go again)
kk...gotta pull myself together, thank god Valentine's day is over.
let's look forward to SPM result day!

I decided on Lumix gf-2, thanks for the info, Elio!
then when i get my FEBruary pay, imma get a studio microphone.
i really dig this hair..SOOO MUCH. it wasn't shaved atcually, it was just boy short at the side and beautiful lustrous curl at the other side. DAMN! Lindsey Pavao totally dig this hair. yar, but what would happen when it grows? HOHOHO..

ribbon in my mouth..
i wanna curse again..lol!
kkkkkk, calm down..
whatever i do, YOU WILL NOT SEE IT..
just forget it..
don't give a damn, don't give a shit..
i hate theory...
i hate you..
i hate you..
i still hate you...


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