Sunday, February 26, 2012

My sick diary

just after i cut my fringe, while snapping my hair picture, i started to sneeze really badly. I keep sneezing sneezing and sneezing, so i thought maybe it was this morning that i washed my hair or last nite air con was too cold.
Then my nose started running..
uh-oh..Flu alert. I hate the flu, i can't go to sleep at all, because i can't breathe through my nose. and then my throat started to get lumpy...last nite fried chicken kill it!..

so i spend all day with a hankerchief, the constant running to the toilet just to wash my nose =.='' i look like a holy sick person yesterday with the hairband and hair tied like i had just finish delivering a baby. and the best thing is, during evening, i can still walk out to the garden with my sexy friend =.=''
sick ady still can go gai gai! OMG *faint*

So dad make lemon for me. I was sent to sleep in another room so that i don't pass the flu to mummy. And then last night was like HELL. Firstly, i can't get to on the air con, because i got the flu remember? then, the whole room become soooo hot and stuffy(coz that room is where i put ALL my clothes, so imagine how stuffy it is)

i toss and turn, i CAN"T sleep at all! My head started to feel like somebody keep hitting the gong. *bang*Bang*bang*! i got up a few times just to drink water to relieve my throat. URGH..and then can't stand anymore, hit the air con button, and started to sleep..

it didn't last very long, i woke up at 3.30am. Off the air con again, because air con sucks your throat making it dry. This is further aggravate my SORE in the throat. lol..=.=''
then i had a big pain in my cheek. Uh-oh, not again!! this had occur to me three times already, is where each time your teeth close together, it will bite onto the flesh of your cheek. Good, now i feel like i have a huge toothache, a right migrane, and yes, i started coughing too..
its a wonder i haven't had fever...yet..maybe..Nononono, get away

and this morning i got up from bed, there was a sudden feeling of nauseating. >< i DON"T wanna VOMIT! no no no!! then i try to listen, my right ear is partially deaf..><
its 27th today! i don't wanna have my period at this time of my life!! it will totally sent me six feet underground, because period pain is like somebody is inside your stomach, tearing all your tissues out.

yar, imagine that..

*cough*sniff sniff*aaahcchooo*
better don't get my virus..



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