Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Event

i not only waste my parent's money, waste my sister's time and my job just because of this event who just wanna make money to get a place to meet casting agents in Disney, Orlando, America.
So after rushing to get a flight ticket, i did everything on my own..T.T
i was known as a baby at school, i can't do anything for myself. i can't buy cup noodles on my own without knowing how it works. I can't even walk to the toilet without climbing up the back of my friends, asking them to carry me XD

LOOk at the price of the's in USD, not RM.. i landed 10 minutes earlier, a bit lost, coz i'm a daydreamer. Went out and waited half an hour for my shorty sister. Then got a phone call of her yelling her head off at me, asking me where i was. I said, QUIZNOZ!! turn out she was in Terminal 3 and i was at terminal1 which is completely north and south and in a different building. ><''
thank god her hot bod beau found me...i was like..who is this stranger?
HUH!?!?..didn't my mum ask me not to talk to stranger?
and the best thing is, i follow THAT STRANGER..

Took a taxi to Marina Bay..woo~look at their ceiling..
a costly fee for the taxi><'' and oh yeah, of course, we found my shorty sister at terminal3..><
then went to Angsana Ballroom, saw the place and fill with KIDS..
yes, note, this interview is for children age 6-17yrs old. By September, i am a product chuck out of its label. Plenty of cacausian there, and thank god i wasn't the only one looking old there..
poor sister had to drag my luggage..

Then the american host let us watch a video of what is this event had to attend events at december 22nd at Orlando, to meet renowned casting agents, celebrities that grow up from THE EVENT. and of course, you had to pay for it, the more event you attend, the more the chances for you to get a callback. it's a GIMMICK. but thank god i didn't go there and just show my face. they ask us to choose a commercial line, get interview by a petite model, and do a commercial audition infront of another judge.

 so the petite model with the spanish accent look at my sister from head to toe.

model to sister: You must have you parents here! if you are here, are you able to afford this packages?
sister: yeah, if my parents approve of it!
Model: But you must make the payment by MOnday when she gets through, how old are you?
Sister: i'm 25 yrs old!!! (for crying out loud!)
model: OMG!! *shock* you look like 14! you should audition this for yourself instead!!
me: Hello, lady...i'm here, you didn't even take a look at me...*&&$#^%

of coz she looks like 14! she's wearing my pants which i bought when i was 14 and i'm still taller than her!

i couldn't find any dress..i can't dress too old, because i'm suppose to be in a kid's channel? i can't dress too young because they freak out thinking that a grandma turn up with their kid's attire.

so i stayed ALONE my aunt house. Woo~ nice and simple dinner. took the plane back today because everybody had work after sunday, so today is the only chance for me to get a transport to the airport..
again..i walk the streets alone..
thank you my sister for leaving her job to acc me there.
thank you daddy for his money =.=''
thank you mummy for the pocket money.
thank you aunty and her husband for the lodging, food and petrol
thank you cousin, Reg and Ren for entertaining me..

for once, i feel such a grown up..
at least i earn an experience..

so..i had sat on a bus alone
i had sat on a plane alone
next thing i wanna try is to sit the train alone..
oh yeah..


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