Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i really need a pretty cool nickname for myself. I know i'm Ann, of course i'm Ann. I was born as Ann, but i want a new i took a quiz what is my vampire nickname gonna be. I am Sklyar. What is my cute name? Shortycake. ><
so my name is Sklyar shortycake?
god..what an awesome vampire combination.*sarcasm*

Sakae Sushi. After that, i swear not to eat anymore rice. Rice sickens me, aargh. I feel full after that, until now!!! and i didn't even finish my bowl. I really had a small stomach so don't blame me for wasting my food. Next time i just share a bowl with another person to save money and save wastage.

at the beachside. We went to Gurney Drive and indeed i fallen head over heels again for FOURSKIN. i bought three rings, For the first time in my life, i atcually splurge on accesories. normally i just took whatever things my sis doesn't like. Three rings for Rm20 at FOURSKIN. that shop had expand into two shops. God, i freakin love that shop sooo much. it's from Singapore and yeah, it's nt a typical shop. Its SPECIAL. just go there and you will know how unique it is.

for the first time, we mou mou reunite and get to go shopping at penang for the first time. This memories should be stuck in our head forever. You heard that?? Yeah, and my fingers are always the shortest.

At the bathroom. Lol. maybe i should say WC instead. WC is a short term for water closet which is also another word for toilet. Or maybe in my own world, i create a new word for toilet and that is 'HYDROROOM"
yeah..sounds more like a swimming pool, but anyway, that's my dictionary.

i spent the whole time whining for them to push me. you see, i can only stand there and do nothing. PUSH ME PUSH ME~ i wailed..
my leg hurt so bad, not to mention my ankle. but that was the first time i skate, so no complain eh? suddenly feel like skating again, but don't ever push me to ice skating at Sunway Lagoon. my bro fell and the blade cut into his face before. THAT is sooo gore~

Dear jia wen, closes her eyes on the signboard that wrote 'NO CAMERA" and snap loads of photo in forever21.
i'm not a big fan of that shop anyway..haha,
 first: when there is no sale, i can't afford it.
second: all the clothes is just too typical.
third: Why splurge on something exp when nobody knows you are wearing it? and as for my case, i am the type of girl, wear once, throw once.
yar, i know, wasting
but i only do that to my dresses, i tend to repeat my tops and bottoms by mixmatching it. if not, i already bankrupt.

wee~tortoise and me
sandy, xin ning and shey hwa a.k.a Lin en..
see? even shey hwa had such pretty name : LIN EN
whhat's my name? Shortycake ..=.=''
my jap name is Ayuka.
now i'm studying the korea pop culture, so i guess i'll be finding my korea name soon.

tortoise jovelle de tomato de moy de jia de wen
warh..what a long name..

shey hwa with her SEXY lips. when i say sexy, it is really FREAKIN sexy.
then we went to chatbox and drink our bubble tea, and i realize that IS the one my sis took me to drink at singapore..
just that overthere you get to choose how many percent of sugar you want
yup, and i choose 75%, and you had to take numbers! like what you see in the bank~
why go so far to drink when penang has one too..


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