Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Okay, so people are celebrating it. Don't matter single nor couple, they ARE celebrating. But even though i'm single or couple, you think i'm even allow to go out?! lol! in my dreams! So, there's no surprise that i feel a bit sick or maybe jealous when people posted up where they hang out, or the gifts from loved ones.
I pass my driving test XD after 6 hours of waiting, cursing, and sun-bathing, i finally pass it =.='' FINALLY!! oh, can't wait to get my driving liscence, i will vroom here and vroom there..
i wonder who's going to pay for the petrol money..
hmmm ?.?

i tried a lady gaga pose..i know the face is soo freak out damn ugly..=.=''
anyway..i know i'm sour-graping now, but what really matters is your lover's birthday, your anniversary together...happy valentines day is celebrated by everybody..so what is really special about it?
i'm not trashing, i'm just wondering..

yeah, trashy..
i really need to have a girl's night out to cleanse away my brain..
i don't give a damn
i don't give a FFFFUUU***CKKKing damn
(whoa, i curse again)
i don't give a damn, i don't give a shit..
i remember the old avril lavigne song...'i don't give a damn'
but that was last time..

i really need to get myself straight..
lol..let me think why i hate valentine's day soo much..

oh yeah..the first time someone celebrate it with me was at school.
that person bought a cake with a love box containing an eatable violin model inside. and a wonderful v-day card with folded heart shapes arrange into a big heart with our pictures at the back of the card.
and i gave the person a handmade love book written by me. WHOLE BOOK.
and guess what? all the gifts let the person's current ex threw it away in the dumpster.
you heard that, stupid? if i know, i keep the card, thank you.. that card was beautiful..and my hardwork!!! ALL THROWN AWAY..
but that was old story..
who gives a damn anyway..

dress: Tangy
Heels: NEU look


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