Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthy chipmunks

my mop hair =.='' is growing over chest length now. Is it time to snip snip snip it off?
i wake up feeling that my throat had finally heal. (no more having Adele's voice) but still there's a bit of phlegm caught inside. YUCK
anyway, i'm still dripping from my nose, but i can finally breathe through it!
bt when i came bck frm piano, i feel dizzy ><

i've been playing Tetris Battle all day long. And funny thing is, i keep ranking down instead of up =.='' i know i'm a noob, and when i keep playing it, mummy would go like "not again! you don't have any other game to play keh?"

she ask me about Maple Story, i look at her like she had just ask me to talk to Chuck Bass. Maple story??! lol, the last time i played it, it was at Genting cybercafe when i was 14 yrs old! and the pain of downloading it, and signing up for a new account again, and building my avatar again..=.=''

I believe i am going to grow up to be an obese person =.=''
each time i woke up, i open my lappie and online. If my eyes grow too tired from the internet, i would on the TV or watch DVD. That's it, that's all i do. sit and watch, watch and sit
and when i had to go four times a week of piano lesson, i GROAN.
>< that's because i have to walk four blocks away to my piano teacher house and stay there till one and a half hour..

YEAH! WHo wanna dare me to shuffle while playing the violin!? who!? who?
i don't knw how to shuffle yet, so i should rather say 'dare me to dance while playing the violin" i try singing while playing, it works, but your voice is abit stuck, besides, you can't hear your voice, so you don't knw if its out of tune of not. and the violin just block your vocal cords for being melodious anyway. at least i'm in tune..

YESterday, i tried playing 'I AM THE BEST" by by ear, took around 10 mins to get it all right. WOO~ i didnt know i can do it, considering that the song had sooo many raps =.='' flat notes, and well, speaking a language that i don't know ..
next step is to wait for me to get better, and then i make a violin cover of it..
if i wanna make a cover, i don't like SLOW put me to sleep. ZzZz, and i grow very impatient after playing it a few times. and i dont like happy song either.
aargh, i feel sooo sick now..
wtf..i'm suppose to be healthy this morning..

sweating, and my body is cold. ..


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