Sunday, February 19, 2012

flushes of sadness

I have a sudden flush of sadness and misses just five minutes ago..
I don't what is it, or maybe something reminded me of you, that make my heart puncture another hole in it. it's already a record that i haven't cried for a week, and i told myself that i should not cry again today. *swallow hard*
whatever it is, i had to deal it alone, coz nobody understand. Nobody will understand coz nobody had my story. well, just unless that person is living in another era which made Pearl Harbour famous. That is one story which is elligible to be compared to mine. If chicken flies after two years, let it be.
I have already make early preparation for it
and i will step outside the world and view it further

what a sick face i have.
what to do, i'm only 17 and a half.
i want to get married before i'm 28 yrs old.
i want to had a stable job at 24 yrs old.
a stable courtship when i was 21 yrs old.
there's still a long way for me to climb. i thought once high school is over, i had my dream to be free. but guess i'm not..
what a slutty face..
back to my old broom hair.
so tomorrow, back to having piano lessons four times a week.
eating bread for breakfast and sleep in the afternoon.
Lazy bum...

gnite readers..
my lovestory cannot be compared to Romeo and Juliet though.
theirs were utterly sad and horrible..


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