Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i love my friends

So,  i met really great friends for these two years. I remember how they treat me, what fun we have together.
I remember my favourite word "BEI WO!" (carry me! in chinese) and i would climb on either Ning, tortoise or Stupid back and they would carry me to wherever they feel like. XD Up the stairs, up four floors, to the loo..

From left: Jovelle a.k.a tortoise, jesslyn, Yong, me, Yingying, ning..

and then we would sit on the floor at the back and steal to eat our breakfast, while the teachers are infront either sleeping or not even aware that three chinese girls are missing from their desks.
and just right after each lesson, we would jump to the next class to meet Sandy and Shey Hwa or entertain Stupid who would usually be in our class pretending to be one of our class student.

and there were times too where we would hop out of school during lunch break, sitting Stupid car to the petrol station to eat cup noodles.
there were times that we order Mcdonald..
playing truth or dare at the back of our class

lol...ultra short skirt..dont look!

my mou mou friends. of course, Stupid is not there and my parents are extremely sensitive to her..

(left)Ying ying, the prettiest and shy-iest girl in class. Soooo quiet..XD
even though i have empty chairs, i always choose to sit on everyone's lap.
Jovelle the tortoise had been sitting next to me for two years!
and we had argued before..twice ..i think, and i haven't spoken to her for one whole day until she offer me a spoon of her mum's awesome cabonara spaghetti.

Hehe XD

and then we share all sorts of food together.
wee~i love this..LOL! i'm not the shortest even though this picture shows it.  they were wearing heels, i am wearing flats.
i like this picture!

so dear friends, hope you guys will never leave me, coz i will never leave you guys..
i miss our memories together

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