Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Levi's frm Shey Hwa
i really AM interested in dancing. Anybody saw the video of Swagger Jagger sang by Cher Lyod that won the X-factor in UK? god damn, i love her dressing sooo much. hiphop girls <3
so i'm going to tell myself to STOP buying skirts and dresses and start looking at preppie jackets, rock-on band t-shirts, and buy more pants.
Cher Lyod didn't make it THAT boyish as she wear her hair curly and tie a headband on it. so it's like Rock-Glam that sort of thing.
i really need to ditch those girly instinct.

credits to Jovelle MJW a.k.a Tortoise Moy jia wen for her phone camera.
and credits to Shey Hwa for the noob spec.
So, i need to have a list of what in store for the new me.
  • cut off the damage part of my hair
  • shop for more bottoms
  • learn hip hop dancing (inspired by Cher Lyod)
  • buy more rings (recent craze)
  • buy more earrings
  • own a rubber duckie shoe (they call it hip hop high top)
  • buy more rock tee

Brands outlet from Tortoise Jia Wen.
see the noob human being at the back of me?
so..hmm..i'm going to scout around for clothes online, since i don't have any time to shop outside.
and i'm going to scout around for awesome hairstyle, my hair sickens me as much as my life does. People are dying their hair while mine is still dull-black.
Although i don't wanna damage my hair, but i envied those who had their hair dyed brown , red, or even green.



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