Monday, February 6, 2012

In the car

my parents decided to bring all my mou mou friends out to Penang for a one day trip. And here we are camwhoring in the car like there was no driver.
I wanted to go shopping. My mood is soo bad, i couldn't even talk to anyone so shopping always make me feel good.
So we went Queensbay

Ning: cheer up!
so we were suppose to meet shey Hwa at sakae sushi. I wanna eat there for lunch. i called katsu don (my favourite), tortoise eat curry katsu don, ning eat unagi something something, Sandy also eat something and Shey hwa eat something something bout salmon.

all my hard earn cash is in the bank now, and i only cash out Rm150 out. HOW CAN ANN SURVIVE WITH that for clothes?! so i didn't went in to my usual Mango. But we went in forever 21 and watch Shey Hwa flick out her cash to buy a frill rock on shirt. And i went in to my local favourite Kitschen <3

but four of them waren't in a shopping mood so all i can do is to suit them and go play skate with them. I am a skating retarded. i shall write full of it when i get the picture of me skating for Tortoise
skating is a painful in the heart and my feet. It brought back memories about him. Is not that we went skating before. but we talk about it.

i'm sorry blog. i sometimes do not like to write in you because it sickens me.
My life sickens me.
and writing my life out is even sickening.


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