Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strike a pose

Here i am trying on a cotton on long tank top striking or maybe mimicking Blake Lively signature pose. The S shape..=.='' just that what differs me and her is that she had the a beautiful FULL S shape..not like mine, like a deflated S balloon..

so here is Blake Lively. I call that the MOST BEAUTIFUL BODY EVER..and yes, she had the MOST BEAUTIFUL bossom ever too...and she is tall, thin and sleak..lean..whatever you wanna call a goddess..and she was the first cacausian that i've seen with MONOLIDS..
 this proof something, even monolids can be drop dead gorgeous.. 

I was intrigue by this maxi tarzan like dress and when i put it on, i was disappointed that it look like a GUNNY SACK on me..totally no shape, like i had just crawl up from bed with nothing but a poo-colour blanket wrapping me..
after i tried it on, i freak out, took a picture of my freak out face (too freakish until i stick a sticker on it incase it would kill a three year old) and flung the whole dress out of the door..
Today at work...I've had to climb THREE FLIGHT OF STAIRS up and down for god knows how many time..
they are doing renovation there so i had to use a smaller room which i maximise only TWO students in one room. then came five, then six students, i shriek at the sudden increasing amount, ran to find the boss wife, she ask me to exchange with the guitar teacher who also had to use the ground floor after i kick him out from his room...

so, from the top floor, roll down to the ground floor, with violins in one hand, stand in another, the leg carrying the bag, another leg carrying the books..
and then after a few hours, i exchange back with him again..
so up i go...
and then forgot a few things, up and down up and down..



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