Friday, February 10, 2012

dancing in the dark

blame my stupid phone camera for the bad picture quality.
let's talk about dancing! No, i do not know if i dance really well, nobody judge me before except the day when i was 10 years old. winning four gold trophies was maybe just...because i smile while i was dancing? lol! and that was ages ago, but i have always wanted to break through and not stuck dancing according to what the teacher says. FreeStyle yeah..bring it on =.=''

one of the ring from FOURSKIN.
that ring cost Rm19.90, but if you buy three, you got three for Rm20. What a freaking steal, man!
so, i do some research, scout around people. brave myself to contact this girl from Asma, hello Elio! hahaha..ask her if i can join her..coz i know she can dance pretty well..(even though i didn't see her dance before =.=''') let's just say i have another third party information, eh?
so, i can't wait to start dancing. LOL! you see, weekdays, i'm sooo freeaking free. i watch dance cover after dance cover, i wanna get my moves on, i don't have a mirror, so whatever shit i dance, turn out like shit and i still don't know..

><'' so i try digging into my dance history..what am i good at?
lets see...i'm a softie. you ask me to shake, i can. you ask me to be hard, that will be another story right? coz, i never try that before.
i can hip but i can't hop..

We run the night-Pitbull, redone...blah blah
that song, rocks!
great for dancing...oh yeah, the beat..
owkay, anybody want me to help them choose songs for any event, be it dancing, marriage ceremony, party, find me. I'm totally in for music, and if i ever get Audio Engineering as my course, i'll be your future recording engineer or music producer or whatever music you heard behind each show, advertisement,movie is my drop of blood.
*fangs showing*

ditch the dresses
cut my tresses
not allowed to shaved
i just wanna be cool...what izzit you say, bad impression?? an act of rebel?
please, every human being knows that the age of rebel is at 14-16 yrs old..not 18!!
do you see people 18 years old running away?
so if you are not going to allow me to shave a part of my hair, so i'm going to continue growing my disgusting hair..
and we will continue sweeping the floor non-stop..



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