Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday went bowling with Jia Wen and SandyXD
the fact that i am illiterate in bowling is not a surprise, i am not good in sports at all. Wee~ but the fun thing is i get to be a grown up, walking all the way to the top, bought socks for Jia wen, bought Mcdonald for..

Tortoise Jia Wen looks like she is playing basketball instead =.=''
haha, just the picture, they were all better than me anyway.

Sandy using left hand. The best thing is, after the whole thing, i use up about Rm70.. don't know what did i spent on, but its like my whole half month pay gone with the wind.

uhuh..let me give the best shot.

and strike a sexy
keep missing the bowling pins.
but it was fun


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