Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shey Hwa house

We went to Shey Hwa BEAUTIFUL house to play poker (ahem..there's money involve) and watch ghost show. Dang, her house is like HEAVEN. i can sleep in it without bothering to step out of the house forever..=.='' not to mention, we were camwhoring all the time. who can't resist such beautiful house?

i didn't bother to dress up =.='' we were just chilling out in her house stuffing ourselves with new year cookies, candy, drinks. O.O did i mention there are three dogs in her house ....and a cat is sleeping upstairs =.='

hahaha..i saw money..XD look at Sandy's money face ..$.$
i really wanna go swimming again, i forgot how much i use to love frogging around the pool. Three years without swimming, i wonder how i can i manage to remember how to swim. They say it's just like riding a bike, even though you didn't cycle for five years, you will still eventually know how to ride it next time.
=.='' nevermind, i'm just gonna bit my lips and go swimming again.

Beautiful eh?

There's even loads of fake fruits.
so..hmm..i pass our one month together yesterday.<3
i promise him a song >< but i didnt get the chance to record and upload it yet.
okay, here's three thing on my mind when i think of him
Six abs, eye liner (??) and those eyes.

Wee~ lets rotate our head to view this vertically.
hanging out with my mou mou fwens is soooo much fun XD
lets do it again


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