Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New year gathering

Credits to Jia Wen the tortoise for this picture. I definetly looked like i am in a pub drinking, if there wasn't a steamboat atcually we went Bungalow to eat..
suddenly i wish i didn't have to work, but why am i complaining even though i work only twice a week =.=''
and oh yeah, February means my piano lesson will start soon, and i had to grow a thick 12 inches skin to go beg my violin teacher for my certificate. 

another unpublished family photo. <3 taken by my sis Iphone4s..(green eye)
yesterday my dad said "next time i'm gonna train you to sleep at 11 o'clock!'
i look at him sickly..WAT THE helllll...12 midnight also not enough, and he want me to sleep at 11 o'clock..He said when i start schooling for lower6, i had to wake up early. I can manage waking up at 6am even though i sleep at midnight, thank you!

and so i went to the temple to pray for this 'tai sui' thing. This dragon year, i am a threat to it, so i must go pray to avoid trouble and failure.
And it was a pretty easy procedure and all they need is your address in chinese, you chinese name, your chinese birthdate. That's all.

it's best to pray even though some said that they are not that staunch believer in this kind of thing.
I'm praying hard for my SPM result..*fingers cross*


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