Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Oh yeh, leopard prints, animal prints, cheetah prints...
Do you know what? he DID freak out..its all over his status, my eyes kept buldging out of its socket reading through the shock.
and i delete my blogpost..really, he is just tooooo self-concious. there's nothing wrong with looking like a banana.

seriously something wrong with this, except that turtle at the right.
First: We are all too white
Second:My face look swollen
Third: Shey Hwa doesn't have any eyebrows here ><
fourth: we waren't sitting on chairs, we were atcually bending.

welcome to my house which is badly damage by THREE times FLOOD WATER.
God, was it you who arrange all those happenings?
I want everybody to be happy..
My family, me, friends, my love..

there's only one thing i want for all of them.
THAT can bring MILLION of wonders.


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