Tuesday, January 10, 2012

money issue

i thought i was suppose to go bank out Rm200, but then =.=''wtf, instead i have to take Rm200 out from my wallet, and now it is really EMPTY..empty as in not even a sahara desert sand is inside. I feel this HORRIBLE feeling inside like a monster eating my heart with no mercy. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
and i realize that you will feel the pain of spending your OWN hard work  money..
and now you atcually feel what your parents are going through each day.

took the bus to perlis alone as usual. nothing to do, so snap some pictures of my disgusting hair.its quite horrible now, i didn't trim it for a very long time now, and yesterday i found sooo many entangled hairs at the back. goodness, i must do something to it already. so after cny, when i can get MONEY again, i'm gonna plan on something with my tresses. it looks like a giant mop

money problem now..
don't ask me  go gai gai ..i don't have money to buy buy


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